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  • Ireland
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Company Description

IBM - Informix Database Software

  • 3.9
    "Nice place to work
    The office it generally quite, but the people are friendly and helpful. The area where the office is located is close to many restaurants and a golf course
    quiet place to work
    can't think of any
    "Job Work/Life Balance
    IBM is one of the best company to work with. Great environment and sometime with flexible Work from Home option depending on the Job schedule. IBM helped me in developing my career.
    "Great company to work for
    work life balance is good. plenty of opportunity to develop skills and advance. good benefits and good leadership at the client. follows mission statement.
    "Productive atmosphere with a startup culture
    The work is challenging and collaborative. The management is very open to new ideas and is always willing to hear feedback. The culture is very relaxed and has a startup vibe.
    "not fair to older employees
    Involuntary layoffs upon reaching retirement age. Layoffs without allowing other internal positions. Layoffs without regard to performance reviews or relocation options.
    "No Job Security
    There is no job security and the management team does a terrible job at managing staff. Hired thousands of new hires and within a year began laying them off. Poor management.
    I've been a loyal and dedicated employee of IBM for over 12 years and have gained so much knowledge and experience throughout my time here. IBM has provided many opportunities for me.
    "Strong culture and good place to work
    IBM has a strong culture with excellent employees but it has been slow to adapt to some of the faster moving markets. The bones are strong and the company will do fine.. Overall, an excellent place to work.
    "A shell of its former self
    I have been with IBM for 20 years, and over that time, there have been many rewarding experiences and opportunities. However, it is clear that it is time to go. This is true for any IBMer that is older or that has been with them for many years. It makes me sad, really, as there are so so many helpful, professional, kind, courteous, and smart employees. Due to any one of the many policies that are forcing people out (co-location being one), key employees are forced to leave - usually without any suitable replacement trained or targeted to replace them.
    Many excellent employees
    "Poor management - No communication - Very Stressful
    The area of IBM where I worked was very stressful. It is very difficult to get ahead there. Very poor communication adds to the stress level. Last minute expectations are common.and sudden furloughs make it difficult to make targets.
    "Workplace culture
    The job offers great opportunities in technology consulting and also encourages skill development. The management team is committed in ensuring that the performing employee gets career growth.
    "Interesting company, good place to learn.
    Constant re-orgs make it tough to go about getting in a good consistent cadence for the job. Just when you start to get organized they would change up the job or org and cause chaos.
    "Work with smart people but every day is stressful and anxiety laden
    Organization has moved from the most "employee" centric company to one that places very limited value on their employees. It has gone from "respect for the individual" to an employee centric meaning of having a ping-pong table in the break room. Always waiting for the next "resource action" to happen because you know it has nothing to do with your performance, results or anything you can control. One day you are there and then the next you are told to leave within 90 days.
    Work with smart people... First line managers are predominately great, collaborative and don't micro-manage
    First line managers have no authority... Finance says jump and they ask how high?
    "IBM Sales
    Great first line people at IBM. Still an iconic brand. Excellent earnings potential. Too big and slow to make nimble decisions. If you're over 45 lookout, a "resource action" is looming.
    "Great job
    I have been an IBMer for over 20 years. IBM has challenged me to upskill myself to stay competitive in the IT industry. IBM employs the best and the brightest resources.
    "Workplace culture
    Culture could use major improvement. Focus is on bottom line and not on employee wellbeing or engagement. Poor communication between levels of the organization and management leads to a lot of confusion and overlap in work.
    I was an assembler at IBM. There really was not room for growth there. Comfortable environment however. Not many promotions. You basically assembled computers and not much more as far as advancement.
    "Competitive Working Environment
    One of the things that I like about IBM is it is fast-paced and has a very competitive culture. People learned to be tough and assert themselves in a professional way. The company also recognizes top performers and will give awards and incentives (both monetary and through bluepoints). I started as an IT Specialist supporting IBM i. I like the technical aspect but not the 24x7 on-call and how unpredictable the schedule is. When I was promoted as Operations Manager, the politics was also difficult to navigate. Fortunately, based on my experience, my managers were very helpful and supportive. Hence, I learned how to have a voice, help the customers, be in a good standing with the team, and still make the management happy. The hardest part of the job is being able to have a work-life balance. It was almost impossible. Expect calls during your paid vacations regardless of where you are in the world. Most enjoyable? I gained lifetime friends in IBM who are driven, supportive, and kind. In IBM, your maturity comes from crisis experiences. I think because of the nature of the work, you establish great friendships with people you can rely on.
    Recognizes top performers, good training
    Too sales-driven, poor work-life balance
    "Good first job, management challenges
    Good company to start with. Frequent reorganizations and turnover impact morale and notion of job security. Lots of silos, the business functions more as a conglomerate of independent companies under a single brand than one firm with a unified vision and structure. Opportunity to learn project work and platforms well.
    "Had very good Experience at IBM
    I had very good time at IBM by learning new tools and day by day challenging with new tickets. Had a very good experience with team members and very experience with internal and external users.
    "too much middle management
    Middle managers were more concerned with their own promotions than with helping their teams. There was no clear way to talk to someone about middle management issues.

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