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  • 3.6
    "Stressful Job
    The working environment is very fast paced, the training isn't very good. Very messy and packed environment for such a small space in the back. People tend to be very nice though.
    "working in a fast pace environment
    From making sure food is being made properly and making sure customer has a good experience. I work there for about two years and I can say if you work as a team it's not so bad as people say or think
    "Good hours
    This was my first job in which provided me with great hours & learning experiences. I loved to work but at my past location the management was really bad.
    Bad management
    stressful environment bad compensation schedule up and down hard shift change i did enjoy working with the team members had hard time with other managers mistreating the team members for no reason
    clean environment good team members
    stressful bad management
    "demanding and stressful work place
    I honestly would not recommend anyone to work at mcdonald's. Honestly the one i worked at because they didnt really care you their employees. You couldn't call out sick or anything even if you had reasons for it.
    "I enjoyed our customers.
    McDonald's gives their employees the chance to prove themselves and work their way up within the company. You have customers that come in on a daily basis that you get to know.
    "Very productive
    Company was always a job working for They promote within Good benefts they offer tutution reimbursement. Company was very understanding to click child care needs
    "If you are humble and need the money, you should work regardless.
    I started working with this company in high school. It was good because it got my feet wet with the workforce. However, they never moved me or advanced my pay despite my consistency and longevity with the company.
    "Good People
    A typical day at McDonalds was fast pace and demanding. I learned that they sell a lot of hamburgers. Management was ok. The hardest part of the job was staying slim.
    Good Food
    Staying slim
    "Fast paced, Stressful Work environment
    The job is a typical fast food service job. Long hours, minimum wage pay, and almost no opportunity for promotions. No benefits as well. Free employee meals, but only from a select list of items.
    The average work day consisted of a rush of customers every now and again. You were constantly moving and always doing something to maintain a happy work environment.
    "Great people
    McDonald's was a great first job with wonderful people, however i felt underpaid and like i was doing more work than what my job description entitled.
    Half off food
    Short breaks
    "Entry Job that does not pay alot
    Mcdonalds doesn't pay a lot of money for the work it provides, I have made more money doing less work in factories which I also do not recommend. Mcdonalds is not the best company starting you off for me at 7.50 a hour, after six months of work I managed to get up to 7.90 a hour, which could be better, could be worse.
    Free meals
    "Good for new workers
    If you are just starting to work it is a good place to be. They try really hard to read your requests and accommodate you and review requests for time off.
    "it can be fun but it's stressful at times
    It's a great first job where kids learned to sweep and mop and also learned to count money for the first time. The hardest part of this job is taking the abuse from customers that they think they are better than us working for McDonald's. The language these adults throws at us everyday is just beyond me.
    free meal and uniforms
    "Good environment, good pay, good employess
    At Mc Donalds you get good hours and are paid a decent rate.There are understanding managers. Also theres always available hours you can pick up. Its a fast paced good environment
    Free Food On Breaks
    Unreliable coworkers
    "it was a job
    the manager i had was a tyrant. She used her position to be mean and surly to the employees. Arriving to work I was greeted by an overemotional manager. She took her personal problems out on everybody. This was back in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
    the hours
    the management and policies
    "Normally a fun workplace but mostly stressful.
    Overall a good experience because of the people i met through the job, but as any job in costumer service; people are mean. Customers suck. You have to be a really strong person to put up with it every single day.
    Free Lunch, Made great friends
    Short Breaks, Somewhat poor management, Lack or respect for employees by both management and customers.
    "worst company ever
    low pay rate too much work for a little bit of money. there's no space for growth. hardest part of the job is dealing with rude customers yelling at you or giving you some type of attitude
    "terrible place to work, a lot of discrimination
    mcdonalds ave b and 16th street was very unprofessional and poorly managed. I noticed I was doing a lot of overtime and was never paid for it and management didn't seem to care. I wouldn't recommend anyone to work there.
    free lunch
    short breaks, poorly managed.
    McDonalds was my first job. I loved the people and the environment. This is where I first started my customer service experience. If I could work there again I would.

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