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  • Georgia
  • 3.2
    good place to work if you have no kids. the pay sucks and sometimes the hours are long whenever someone just don't show up, but the job is real easy and laid back.
    great hours. great people
    pay sucks
    "A typical day
    A typical day at Vescom was routine, relaxed and boring. I learned how to make time fly by keeping busy. Management was a bit relaxed, although we got tested a lot. The hardest part about my job was dealing with angry people with an ax to grind. I really enjoyed working with the staff.
    great staff
    low pay and bad hours
    "Good professional environment
    Very relaxed work environment. Flexible scheduling. Take inventory of supplies daily.Make frequent foot patrol of facility to look out for suspicious activity, suspicious objects or safety hazards.
    "okay work place
    at this job i found myself in a lot of mess that had nothing o do with me it was poorly handle and didnt work with any personal plans you would have you were a slave to the clock
    "Great place to work
    I learned a lot of new things while I worked there. It was one of the most enjoyable jobs I had.
    "it is an ok job but not making enough money
    I check in trucks, complete documents on the computer, write reports/ SARs . I learned how to read bills and what invoices consist of, the hardest part of my job is trying to stay awake during 3rd shift and the most enjoyable part is meeting new people.
    New people
    long tiring shifts, irresponsible co-workers.
    "Horrible company to work for
    Account manager insults you on a personal level, has favorites, no room for advancement, absolutely no support or communication from upper management.
    Little to no supervivion
    pay, management
    I knew what was expected of me. Liked working with employees. Liked have multiple days off.
    multiple days off
    long hours
    "I love Vescom. The company did everything in their power to work with me in very way.
    Great company. You meet their expectations, they will meet yours. With exception of benefits, I loved working for Vescom. The only reason the benefits and pay weren't that great is bc it's contract work. That's what happens.
    smaller company more down to earth
    contract work, pay and benefits not that great
    "Great Company
    Just sitting in a guard shack alone, but the management team is great! they still have a contract with the very first company they signed!
    Break time all the time
    expensive healthcare
    in charge of hiring and terminating employees give training to all security officers meet with client on daily operations
    "Good learning experiance
    Started out as a good place to work. My boss was great to work with and for. When I was promoted on her moving on, I found things different. I found that the main office was not helpful in getting information to you. The Regional Manager was a great guy, but very over worked. At the end, I felt like I was being hung out to dry.
    close to home
    crazy hours, lack of help from main office
    "Fun place to work
    the most enjoyable part of the job was being my own boss, a typical day at work was watching the gate and doing my rounds of the plant. I learned alot and had a very good boss.
    The pay
    Being alone and working long hours
    "Vigilance means success
    Long work shifts. Vigilance is a must to go anywhere as well as a good moral and ability to lead.
    steady work, holiday pay, good work
    long shifts
    "What A Joke. Embarrassed To Wear Uniform
    Beware of some company reps writing glowing reviews on the web. In my opinion: DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!. Even in bad times (bad economy) this is not a company you want to work for. If someone took a survey, this company would no doubt rank as one of the worst in the country. I worked during the winter with no company issued coat despite Vescom deducting a fee from my paycheck for uniforms; I wore my own coat. No management accountability, lack of direction, and lack of interest in their employees. This is clearly a company that only cares about money. Employees are just numbers. Client puppets. Pseudo managers. It's absolutely absurd this company is still in business.
    employees with diverse backgrounds, good commaraderie, ot
    wages, work environment, no management support
    "I realy liked working Vescom Corp. It was a learning experience.
    The people I worked with were good people and very helpful. The typical day was easy going. The hardest part was getting pass downs. The most enjoyable part was roving checking the buildings.
    the respect and friendship from the gp employees.
    "Provide Security for Local Contractors.
    Job involves patrol and walk around to various portions of an industrial environment. Reporting back to the Onsite workers and logging any incidents and Violations
    typically non stressful
    work alone little interaction.
    "Nice place to work for
    The owner were very easy to work for, there were nothing hard about this job, I had no co-worker to work with.
    no free lunch
    no health care

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