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Wells Fargo

  • B
  • 67 /100
  • Claimed Company
  • Timothy J. Sloan
  • 0/100
  • 8084

  • Employee Participant
    47 47of 100
  • Happiness Rating
  • Diversity Rating
    0 0 of 100
  • CEO Rating
    0 ceo_s.jpg

Best Thing About Team

  • How we get along and how work together
  • We are able to come together on tough projects.
  • New manager. Transition time. She seems really good
  • We are a close knit team and everyone gets along well.
  • I have worked with many wonderful, intelligent and ethical people. My team is comprised 90% of those people

Best About Compensation

  • It's competitive and it allows me to save for the future
  • Paid time off when needed
  • It is competitive to other companies in the area for the role.
  • Match of 6% on retirement contribution
  • In the corporate back office some people are very highly compensated, it's a lucrative job if you can get into the right position

Best About Leadership

  • How helpful they are when issues arise
  • They appear to be working towards making a better company
  • They are here to help
  • They try hard to keep us uplifted

Leadership Get Better

  • They choose to retaliate and justify a problem brought up, rather than fixing and finding resolution.
  • Recognizing individual contributions year over year
  • Clear out all execs and start fresh
  • Holding the beach managers accountable. All branch team members are being observed except the branch managers .
  • Communication of the little things within the department. Clear concise guidance as it pertains to the process.
  • Taking accountability for the things that have been going wrong and make real changes

What Wrong

  • Management is pretty cut throat
  • I don't think that it could be improved unless the company as a whole was reevaluated
  • The branch manager is does not behave with good leadership skills. Double standards , favoritism, doesn’t take responsibility for mistakes .
  • Management. Better communication between team and out leader.
  • Bad publicity in the media, bad choices in the past, large penalties form the govermental financial institutions
  • Wells needs to continue to work out it's demons and also should sever ties with the NRA. That relationship is tarnishing the already rusted brand name. Many more people will be divesting if Wells doesn't take a harder stance against bad actors and entities

Make Culture Better

  • Say what you mean and do what you say don’t just say what people want to hear
  • Upper management needs to reward dedicated team members
  • The branch managers should be inspiring and motivating the all team members.
  • In my area, the management is going in the wrong direction - people who are 'climbers' are working their way up, these are people who are only working for their own gain and don't seem to have any eye towards what's best for the company or the customers

Positiove About Culture Environment

  • It's a diverse work environment
  • Friendly people. Fair amount of paid time off.
  • Wells strives to make employees happy
  • There are minor issues with the work environment but overall it's a pleasant place to be for 8 hours a day.
  • Teamwork, proud, good benefits, professional environment, focus on service

Most Happy At Work

  • Coming to work and knowing that you make a difference
  • Steady work with new technologies.
  • Working independently and succeeding. As well as meeting all my goals

Overall Experience

  • Not the best leaders need to do better
  • Learned a lot about corporate
  • Incredibly negative experience will consider working elsewhere
  • Good place to work. Pretty good benefits.
  • I work on researching customer complaints and responding
  • The problem are at the branch level . I have been with the company for eighteen years and still have not been promoted.
  • Overall it's OK. There are minor issues only.

Coworkers Need To Improve

  • Fire ineffective employees and hire new employees
  • Quality , taking ownership for mistakes, doing things right the first time and not rushing through procedures.

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