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  • B
  • 74 /100
  • Allen Gilmer
  • 0/100
  • 200

  • Employee Participant
    1 1of 100
  • Happiness Rating
  • Diversity Rating
    0 0 of 100
  • CEO Rating
    0 ceo_s.jpg

Best Thing About Team

  • We work really hard and set the bar high for excellence. And along the way, we have a ton of fun with each other, and never forget to celebrate our success.
  • My team takes on challenge after challenge and tackles them head on -- approaching them with fresh ideas. They have demonstrated how working across departments pays off dividends.

Best About Compensation

  • Drillinginfo seeks the best talent, compensates the contributions of employees fairly and rewards employees based on merit.

Best About Leadership

  • Leaders at DI really care about their people. This not only makes us successful, but creates a rewarding experience for employees and a great culture!
  • The leadership team empowers employees to take action and to own their own futures. Those who seek challenge and growth are met with opportunity. I have seen colleague after colleague take on new responsibilities or roles and thrive in an environment that recognizes their passion and engagement

Positiove About Culture Environment

  • Everyone loves what they do, and are passionate about where the company is going. And we all love working with each other - it's like a family. It makes for a really special and positive culture.
  • I get energized by the people at our company, the ideas they bring and the approach so many of them take to collaborate and win. I know the people I work with have my back and likewise I have theirs. This company recognizes efforts of individuals and teams and celebrates success together

Most Happy At Work

  • The people around me are what makes me the most happy at work, and knowing that what I'm doing has a positive impact on these people and the company as a whole.
  • The people I work with energize and inspire me

Overall Experience

  • DI is challenging, fast paced, exciting and fun. I love being here.
  • Every day brings a new opportunity to learn & grow. I am empowered & own my experience and success -- can't ask for more

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