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EMT International

  • India
  • 3.5
    "Good Place to Start or End
    As a starting machinist you will be able to advance from the saw to inspection. Opportunities to advance are common until you get to the higher levels and then you will have to wait for a growth period or the retirement of the person above you. Most employees are either new or will retire there with a good handful of people in between hoping for the chance to move up. Company used to be much smaller than it is now and has matured into more of a corporate setting as far as employee relations are concerned.
    Benefits, training
    can be slow to progress depending on buisness and people above you
    "Fast paced technical work.
    Heavy computer based analytical/assessment work. Projects overlap and are time sensitive. Very fast paced and requires high level of organization and coordination with manufacturing.
    Co-workers are very helpful and able to assist on a moments notice.
    Training is as time permits, Benefits/Compensation do not match level of work demanded.
    "Good boss and good fellow employees
    I work for a good boss and have good co-workers. Fairly relaxed yet fast paced. 15 minute break and half hour unpaid lunch. 401k match is 50% up to 6%.
    "personally did not like working there
    i worked in the stock room for 8 hours a day with no one to communticate with and my boss wasnt the best it was a very boring job..............................
    "Good wage, benefits and people
    Hours are decent and people are great and the CEO really cares about the employees. The work and life balance are really great here as long as you make sure you do a good job. The work culture when I left was silly with the new president trying to do things that employees found not important instead of fixing the problems. Many upper managers are not good and not being held responsible. Only real successful area is operations. Hardest part of the job was seeing people leave during a layoff and the best part of the job are the people and being able to make a real difference for the company.
    good pay & benefits, Ceo, newer facility, caring about life balance, good hours
    president, service, need different managers, accountability is missing
    "Productive and fun workplace
    I have learned a lot at EMT International. I work in the electrical panel shop so I learned about wiring schematics, AutoCAD, and electrical components.
    Safely and accurately operate manual lathes. Efficiently read blueprints to accurately set-up projects for manual lathes. Performed preventive maintenance on machines.
    "Big Machines, Big Tools, and Big Hearts
    Early morning start, clock in, and check emails for delivery needs or grab some hand and power tools for the task at hand. Whether it be hopping onto a forklift, operating the crane, or assembling an 8-ton press machine. I was able to gain much knowledge in my experience at EMT, including forklift and crane operation procedures, MSDS & OSHA regulations, and PPE training. Additional skills were picked up along the way, like how to use power tools such as drills, screw guns, hammer drills etc. Management in my area of work was somewhat limited, higher-ups in the company had personal offices or cubicles located away from work areas for safety and noise reasons. The Supervisors for my area however, were very kind, warm hearted, and very informative. Especially when it came to tasks that were unfamiliar to others. Whenever you had a question you could always ask them, or even a co-worker. Helpful co-workers made for great team working environments with the spreading and sharing of knowledge as well as peer-to-peer cooperation. Meeting the material demands of co-workers was the most challenging part of the job, due to computer programs not responding or miscommunications from one department to the next. The atmosphere of the work place was by far the best and most enjoyable part. We often used humor to keep spirits and moods at a positive level to reduce stress, fatigue, and frustrations within the environment.
    great working environment/atmosphere
    being laid off was the only con I can think of
    "EMT International
    Low stress family oriented. Employee's work ethic overall above average compared to other places I've worked. Management style is professional minded and friendly--above average.
    Low Stress
    Advancement opportunities
    "Disfunctional Management
    The management team is so disfunctional. They spend most of their time covering up their mistakes and never adding any value to the product line being built. Most of the floor workers are on their own to figure out what is happening due to the fact that supervisors and managers are always in meeting trying to figure out what is happening instead of being out on the production floor providing leadership. Very disorganized plant layout and material flow. Parts are either not in plant or can not be found. Their logistics systems are nonexistent. People run around like chickens with their heads cut off all day looking for parts. But they are big on paper work to the point that they are drowning in it.
    Many great employees on floor trying to make a difference
    Very poor management
    "material handler
    Pick parts for machine assembly or shipping. I was only there a 6 weeks after they hired too many workers for the work available Co-workers were mostly men. Hardest part was the heavy pieces and dealing with no instructions and learning on your own. Lunch was enjoyable
    good pay
    lack of safety and instructions
    "Ok place
    They had a good group of people but an unstable work amount. They are easy going but do not compensate their employees well for what they do know or what they can do on the job.
    "Great Production Shop
    Great work place lots of good people to work with and for good training program.
    good working hours

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