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KW Container

  • Troy, AL  36079
    United States

Company Description

Innovative leader in packaging for the paint and coatings industry.

  • 3.3
    "Overall okay Job
    I work third shift (11-7) the hardest part is staying up.The work place is good to work if your into warehouse work. I am more into the medical field.
    "Decent job base warehouse pay good benefits
    I worked here for 3 years it comes with good benefits and I worked at KW right after High school. The pay was very minimal, but slow paced and a simple work environment.
    Healthcare and management
    Pay and layoffs
    "The job was ok
    To be honest, I do not recall much about this place. The people were ok and the job paid fair. The head honcho and I did not see eye to eye but we shook hands like men and wished each other the best of luck. To put it simply. It wasn't for me.
    "Productive and fun place to work but employee pay is not great
    KW Container is an okay place to work. It would be an even better place to work if management would pay more because they expect us to do a lot of work for what little bit of money they pay us.
    "Very loud and extreme hot or cold temperature
    worked under extreme heat or cold environment. when production was stopped you had to help take apart massive machines that had heavy lubricant that was required to be wiped down. The option was given of either cleaning the machines or don't get paid to not come in. Lots of preferential treatment observed. Excellent company paid health benefits
    Excellent health benefits
    had to wear steel tipped shoes
    "Productive and good atmosphere
    Making sure all of our production is perfect for our customers. We make a plastic paint container mold. My job is to understand what is considered a defect and inspect it to give it the "ok" to send out. I enjoy working with other people but love to be in the position to find the problem and sort it out.
    healthcare and close to home
    "Great all around job.
    Always looked forward to going to work on a daily basis, the experience gained during this time with regard to the production of a container (paint can) and the detail of it, was quite interesting as well as more complicated than one would think. The management was always cordial and maintained respect for their employees, as well as the co-workers we knew what was required of us on the job and we worked well together. The hardest part was the 12 hour shift that required you to be on your feet and moving all the time. What I enjoyed the most of course was what we accomplished at the end of the day.
    Friendliness of fellow co-workers and authority.
    Long hours

Industry Keywords

Packaging And Containers