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rk steel

  • India
  • 3.8
    the office operation is extreamly un organized and not knowing what is going on withe the job site work and the only do jobs that they fabricate the iron for poorest quality fabrication i have ever seen
    "Great company to work for.
    Great company to work for. Great management, great employees, good work/life balance. A typical day would be writing RFIs, corresponding with other team members, creating 3D drawings.....
    "Its an ok job, people are easy to get along with.
    When we get to the work place if we dont have work ready we see our supervisor. Ive learned to read and understand blue prints better. My shop super is an easy going guy and pretty fair. my co-workers make the long days not so long. The hardest part of my job is also the most enjoyable part of my job. Example, when i get a set of blue prints to build something i havent built yet its a little tuff, but i love to learn and it makes me even better.
    15 min breaks
    hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

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