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  • 4.2
    "It was a High School Class
    CNA Class - Completed All Senior Year _x000D_ CPR License _x000D_ CNA License_x000D_ No Pay As For It Was a Class _x000D_ Instructor was very easy to get close to like a companionCNA Class - Completed All Senior Year _x000D_ CPR License _x000D_ CNA License_x000D_ No Pay As For It Was a Class _x000D_ Instructor was very easy to get close to like a companion
    I was working in rop for diabilty and grow ten-thousand acorns and working. In the cafeteria and drive the tracker,golf carts,and take field tripsto hometown buffet
    30min for lunch
    15min for a break
    "good classes
    I was a student when entered in the R.O.P. program. It is a wonderful program with many classes that prepare students for the career they wish to be in.
    A typical day learning about being a dental front office assistant.its hard, but worth it to have some sort of expierence about the dentist industry .
    "Enjoyable Program
    Learned about the different professions in the health profession. Enjoyed the volunteer work in the lab and the people in the facility. Learned many skills as I was there.
    During my time with ROP, it was beneficial. I gained experience in fellowship, the work environment and labor. I enjoyed the work i did. I felt a sense of responsibility.
    "Non-paid community service
    I volunteered to work at a medical office for ROP through a class I was enrolled in. I took vitals on patient such as taking their blood pressure or their temperature.
    Medical Training, Volunteering Hours
    Long periods of no work to do
    "Great place to work and helps students every day!
    A workforce development and life skills class that prepares the high school student for employment, college readiness and career-based learning. Included in most programs is an internship component. The job is very rewarding and the people are great to work with and are very supportive.
    "Great learning experience
    I volunteered at Mercy Merced Medical Center in the labor and delivery area and it was a great experience. Got to see things first hand in the medical field.
    "Filing student's paperwork and grades. Obtaining papers for the teacher. Also, printing and copying papers for students.
    It was a good experience to be a teacher's assistant. Students were nice and respectful, as well as the teacher. Usually, the work load was not so bad.
    Gift cards
    a very fun and exciting class fun work with supportive management personally great experience and grow and develop very good expirience
    "Working enviorment is great
    Seamlessly learned to plan and execute events, both professional (conferences, meetings) and social. Managed budgets for up to 500 attendees. Oversaw team of vendors and event contributors including performers, photographers, caterers, and transportation services
    Great team Work
    Not enough time
    "A place where you actually want to go to work.
    I am 18 years old and i have not had a real job before. But i have trained at Sears for about 4 months and it was such a good experience to learn about retail. The hardest part of the training was remembering all of the prices and where things were located. I found it enjoyable communicating with customers and helping them out to whatever they need.
    Communication skills
    short breaks, a little bit of hours
    "Claire's Ontario Mills ROP
    it sucked alot, the employees were too bossy, and yelled at us for no reason sometimes. I recommend no one works at claires
    mean employees, belittled alot
    "productive and essential
    This wasn't a actual job it was a class to prepare for future jobs that require skill and labor, but it was a great experience and it taught me a lot.
    Taught me a lot
    This position was volunteer in high school learned how to file, type and this is where I knew that I wanted to work in Administration, unfortunately was not hired
    high school student
    high school student
    "Have learned alot from ROP
    Regional Occupational Program works with high school students and reentering adults to learn about jobs in your local area. Being a fire fighter or paramedic or police person. _x000D_ There is a lot of classes that you can take after school to provide more of hands on of what the job in tails.
    "High School
    I worked as a student nurse assistant the class was rigorous and difficult at times but as long as you push and study things got easier. Waking up everyday at 4 am to be dressed by 5 am to be at school on the bus by 6 am. it was rough but im glad i made it through it showed me that nursing school isn't going to be easy but hard work pays off.
    "My Grandfather was a dentist, so it had become my passion.
    One thing I always stressed to my students, is being a dental assistant is the type of job that makes you feel really good by what you had accomplished with your patients at the end of each day. I stress how they will get out of school, what they put into it. Working in the dental field has left me with so many wonderful memories._x000D_ _x000D_ There are times, a student from many years ago, will run into you somewhere and tell you how you had changed their lives. To know I've helped to do that is the best feeling in the world._x000D_ _x000D_ Typical days were going through our lectures, but I've always thought students enjoyed the "hands on" portion of class the best._x000D_ _x000D_ The hardest job of the day is keeping everyone busy and involved, stressing it's for their own benefit. Managing the class actually flowed rather well, since I worked with another wonderful instructor._x000D_ _x000D_ The most enjoyable part of the job is seeing the students come in to class, on day one, with no knowledge of dentistry, and seeing them grow as they learn to put it all together, and going out in the community and being hired.
    "Summary of Banking
    Everyday I learned every single way possible to prosper the banking industry as for myself I wanted to achieve my goals of broadening my knowledge in the banking industry and it helped me become who I am today. A typical day at work was learning how to handle transactions, CDs, and learning how to do loans. I met a variety of people who shared different characteristics.
    "good working experience
    four days out of the week me and a few other classmates would go work in the medical clinic for the last two hours of school. it usually consisted of alphabetizing patients folders and stocking them on shelves where they belong.
    first job experience
    only temporary work

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