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  • 2.6
    They put their customers first and make sure they get every order out. They will mandate you no matter what outside business you have going on outside of work
    Team members work together n make it exciting
    Can’t handle outside business consistently keep you longer than you schedule
    "Bad place too work.
    VERY poor upper managment. ZERO work / life balance. & day work week, while managers get every weekend off. No leadership from upper's, always want to put things off on someone else. never able to plan weekends, or ask for time off without being spoke down too, made to feel useless.
    "Team Leader/Manager
    Management and Fast pace Production. The Team I worked with was very cooperative. The Managers was stern and expected me to keep my team to produce the numbers of Production and report at the end of the day.
    No Union
    "Television in the break room
    Bad air quality to many bosses very fast paced place to work and given more and more to do all the time makes you fall behind on your normal job duties working with fiber glass the dust is every were
    half hour lunch
    Health care is non existent
    "UGN needs different top management.
    My co-workers at UGN are the greatest but upper management holds positions they are not qualified for. I love a challenge and we have on average 34 inventory turns a year. The hardest part of the job is every square foot of the plant has machinery and is utilized for production. Material is stored in trailers and management only wants 2 days of inventory on site. The most enjoyable part of the job is the relationship that I have formed with my suppliers and co-workers.
    Decent wages if you only work 50 hours per week.
    We work through breaks and lunch.

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