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  • B+
  • 71 /100
  • Claimed Company
  • Jeffrey P. Bezos
  • 0/100
  • 29828

  • Employee Participant
    100 100of 100
  • Happiness Rating
  • Diversity Rating
    0 0 of 100
  • CEO Rating
    0 ceo_s.jpg

Best Thing About Team

  • They are very nice and hardworking
  • The best thing about my team is that everyone is very chill.
  • We work together to get orders out on time and in order.
  • great bunch of people to work with

Best About Compensation

  • PTO was by far the best benefit that, I received from working for this company. I like how you could do paid and unpaid time off as needed as well as take sick/ vacation time.
  • Everyone receives some Restricted Stock Units
  • Vcp bonus monthly and stock
  • the compensation it's really awesome.
  • You can get money out of it in case of emergency.
  • Healthcare, stock, paid time off

Best About Leadership

  • My leadership team, were by far the best leadership team I've had since I began working however, the human resources caused my employment to be unnecessarily delayed because of miscommunications which was very unpleasant. Furthermore, when I reached out to Jeff Bezos via email I was given false info
  • The are driven and smart.
  • friendly, professional, energetic, polite...but young n inexperienced.
  • It's a positive and uplifting environment
  • The leadership team it's awesome
  • good teamwork that i love
  • They are all young people.
  • We work together to keep company flowing properly.
  • everything and everyone was awesome to work with.
  • Leadership treats us like numbers
  • Great support! Empathetic leadership - No "bosses" Just "LEADERS"

Leadership Get Better

  • We are a very number driven company and not so much in growing the associate. More people leave than stay long term. There's no real realistic growth for the individual unless you leave your current warehouse. It's hard to uproot your family just to move up.
  • Interacting with people as people instead of robots
  • try to treat people much nicer

What Wrong

  • Higher demand with no incentive...treat employees like humans
  • The culture sucks. There is a barrier between management and associate. Once the good people leave they can not be replaced. It's all down hill from there.
  • culture is toxic and work pace is fast

Make Culture Better

  • experienced leadership...not Amazon experienced...Managers that have managed elsewhere.
  • I think people need to be heard more. Amazon can not do this without us and we are also customers. There is not a lot of faith in management I guess you could say. There is a lot of people who leave that are staples, for better opportunities.
  • less of a "get it done 5 minutes ago" attitude

Positiove About Culture Environment

  • Diversity amongst associates and leadership
  • It's big and easy to figure out
  • They are diverse and accepts everyone
  • The culture and environment at your company is great
  • We all work together old young no matter what the ethnic

Most Happy At Work

  • The people I work with and the how challenging the work can be.
  • the system...mostly everything has a method and has already been figured out.
  • The thing that makes me most happy at work is the environment.
  • Working together exceeding in getting the work done

Overall Experience

  • I want to rip my hair out of my skull 5 times a day
  • Good...with some small changes it would be awesome.
  • It is a great company
  • The environment is great and very peaceful
  • constantly running around to stock items
  • I love going the togetherness and exercise
  • Negative culture, an us against them environment a total lack of communication and respect from management

Coworkers Need To Improve

  • the work load creates a stressful enviroment which coworkers channel towards others

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