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  • Chile
  • 3.8
    "Never ending learning experience. Great people.
    Begin by policing the grounds. Then test and treat the pool as needed. Commence doing service requests or a make ready for new resident move in. Plumbing leaks and climate control issues may be priorities. Possibly a faulty appliance may need repair. I learned a lot working this job and met some great people in the business. Attended Trident Technical College for Industrial Technology (HVAC). Became proficient working this job. Also became familiar with many attributes of plumbing, electrical, appliance and building maintenance and repair. The hardest part of this job was pleasing some managers. Most were very grateful to have maintenance support. Accomplishment of repairs that resulted in satisfied and happy residents was the most enjoyable part of this job, next to the people I worked with and for.
    Learning experience of very useful skills.
    Occassional micro management.
    Nice place to work. Hard work. Hung cabinets fixed apartments, I was the laborer so I had to clean up after everything. Learned a lot here that I can use when I own my own place.
    "AMCS is an innovative and cutting edge company
    AMCS is an innovative and cutting edge company. The Chief Executive Officer is one of the most ingenious men I have ever know. Each employee is hand picked and highly qualified. Over all, I would strongly recommend AMCS to anyone!
    Financial rewards
    "Fun working environment. Extremely flexible working environment.
    I make sure things are in place for the day so that the day runs smoothly. I prepare curriculum and tools the kids need to get homework and studying done. I make sure staff is on time and prepared for when the children arrive. The hardest part of the job is not getting overwhelmed with duties, and in turn having one child miss out on the opportunity for help. The most enjoyable part of my job is making that one child happy and like they accomplished what they worked for, which in turn boost their confidence and desire to want to learn and succeed.
    Flexible schedule
    "Pleasant atmosphere
    My typical day at work is very busy dealing with multiple housing situations due to multi family living. I learned to deal patiently with the public while delivering a professional attitude in addressing problems with quality solutions. The management team and coworkers express an interest in the community which leads to progress in the making among customer relations. The hardest part of the job is yet to be seen when u approach each situation with a win-win attitude.
    the satisfaction of a job well done.
    not being able to complete a project in a timely manner and waiting on parts.

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