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  • C+
  • 66 /100
  • Saurabh Sinha
  • 0/100
  • 83

  • Employee Participant
    0 0of 100
  • Happiness Rating
  • Diversity Rating
    0 0 of 100
  • CEO Rating
    0 ceo_s.jpg

Best About Compensation

  • Employer 401k contribution and Health Insurance

Leadership Get Better

  • Focus on Quality, Embrace change, Career Advancement Opportunities to deserving employees, Reorganize overall org structure based on merit..

What Wrong

  • Too many management layers, Disoriented, unqualified directors and managers leading accounts with no leadership skills. Need to infuse energy into system to gain trust and confidence of employees. Provide platform for growth.

Make Culture Better

  • Change mindset, Inspire to learning and growth.

Overall Experience

  • No change in job role, Perception driven environment, limited opportunities for advancement. No new technology

Coworkers Need To Improve

  • Build domain and technical knowledge. Operate with transparency and teamwork

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