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  • C-
  • 58 /100
  • Gary Norcross
  • 0/100
  • 693

  • Employee Participant
    3 3of 100
  • Happiness Rating
  • Diversity Rating
    0 0 of 100
  • CEO Rating
    0 31956_ceo_fis.png

Best Thing About Team

  • My team-Starship Troopers- are amazing. Supervisor is very understanding, empathetic, and she really cares.
  • Collaboration and support
  • Very talented people, always sharing information and knowledge
  • People

Best About Compensation

  • Work Life balance and days off
  • There is favortism happening at the St. Pete location in credit by Some supervisors. If there were more incentives for the amount of OT they are requesting 50 hrs/wk mandatory. They need to appreciate their employees more.

Leadership Get Better

  • It does not promote many women to upper levels, and not much education offered for advancement within the company.
  • Share their wealth. Raping company for their own compensation.
  • Providing accurate information to employees about any new changes. Coming up with more incentives for employees when we have to work overtime
  • Connectivity to people doing the actual work.

What Wrong

  • THere isn't much being done to improve moral, it seems to be just to keep a low profile and hope you are not next on the layoff list.
  • Invest invest invest in your products. Attract better quality people. Pay better.

Make Culture Better

  • THe moral is low, everyone seems to be waiting for the other shoe to drop.
  • Invest in your people and in the teams. Stop squeezing them.
  • There needs to be more positivity, focus on training and incentives

Positiove About Culture Environment

  • Comradarie

Most Happy At Work

  • My job. I like what I do.

Overall Experience

  • I like the work I do, I just wish there was better moral.

Coworkers Need To Improve

  • inter-department communication needs improvement, more cooperation, less finger pointing
  • Need more of them. We discuss what not to do more than discussing what to do.

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