FunFuzion New Roc City

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FunFuzion @ New Roc City

  • 3.7
    "its a place for fun
    I worked as a porter for a year and a half. then i was promoted to a technician witch i have been ever since running the bowling alley. the hardest part is its to far for me.
    full time
    late hours
    "fun place to work at with great co-workers
    I worked there for 13 years and my overall experience was amazing. however it was time to move on and explore other opportunities.
    "Interesting place to work at
    I spent the last 13 years of my life at funfuzion and learned alot. I learned how to interact wth guests and give them the best experience possible. I had a great relationship with my co-managers and we communicated great. The hardest part of my job was working all weekends and holidays. The most enjoyable part of my job was working with my great staff and helping as many people as i possible could as a manager.

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