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  • Oman

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School Loop: Participating Schools School Loop: Participating Schools To login or register, find the link for your school in the list below. Enter part of the name of your school: 107th Street Elementary/Magnet School Dr. George W. Carver Elementary Schoo

  • 4.5
    "Interesting volunteer experience
    I enjoyed volunteering at this work site it was fun to me because it was all something new for me to do and learn the different tasks. Yet I learned and accomplished
    "Fun and productive place to learn about retail sales.
    I learned about cashiering, inventory, management, and sanitation in the retail field. My teacher/manager was very helpful with our learning experience in the retail sales field. The hardest part about the job was having to fix the mistake another co-worker would make on money or inventory. The most enjoyable part about the whole experience was knowing how to get out of a co-workers mistake without the help of someone else and learning new things from that experience.
    discounts, free lunches, positive workers.
    short breaks

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