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company_name_1 = Apple|
datasource = indeed|
Rating=4.2 | Count_of_reviews= 5.4K| Work_Life_Balance=| Compensation_Benefits= | Job_Security_Advancement=| Management=| Culture=| curl =| Paced=| city= København K|
Rating=4.2 |Count_of_reviews= 5.4K| Work_Life_Balance=3.8| Compensation_Benefits=4.1 | Job_Security_Advancement=3.7| Management=3.7| Culture=4.2| curl = | Paced=| 0review_title=Good place to work| 0Job_Work_Life_Balance=80.0%;| 0Compensation_Benefits= 80.0%;| 0Job_Security_Advancement=80.0%;| 0Management_Review=80.0%;|
0reviewer=Fraud Analyst|
0review_text= A good place to work, and get a promotion, lots of benefits, and a good place to grow, I would recommend this company to anyone who want to go place and improve their skills|
0review_cons= |1review_title=Working for Apple| 1Job_Work_Life_Balance=100.0%;| 1Compensation_Benefits= 100.0%;| 1Job_Security_Advancement=80.0%;| 1Management_Review=80.0%;|
1reviewer=Tampa - Operations Specialist|
1review_text= Not your typical workplace. We are a diverse and unique environment with much more to provide then a 9-5 job. There are many opportunities and advances among the company which depends on your desire to achieve such a thing.|
1review_pros=Benefits, Managers, Flexibility|
1review_cons= Hours for part-time|2review_title=Fast-paced but supportive work environment| 2Job_Work_Life_Balance=80.0%;| 2Compensation_Benefits= 80.0%;| 2Job_Security_Advancement=60.0%;| 2Management_Review=100.0%;|
2reviewer=Technical Expert|
2review_text= Apple has a fast-paced but rewarding and supportive work environment. I enjoyed working there and being able to assist customers with their technological problems.|
2review_cons= |3review_title=fun and productive work place| 3Job_Work_Life_Balance=100.0%;| 3Compensation_Benefits= 100.0%;| 3Job_Security_Advancement=100.0%;| 3Management_Review=100.0%;|
3reviewer=Red Zone Sales Representative|
3review_text= Its a place where everyone helps each other to grow in the area they are working in. Management was really helpful as well always there to guide you and give you tips to do better.|
3review_cons= |4review_title=Daily| 4Job_Work_Life_Balance=80.0%;| 4Compensation_Benefits= 80.0%;| 4Job_Security_Advancement=60.0%;| 4Management_Review=80.0%;|
4reviewer=Senior Advisor|
4review_text= I learned a lot while working for apple. I was extensively cross-trained on nearly every service Apple offers and eventually became a Senior Advisor. The training was good and very thorough. The benefits were great and management was very knowledgable. Employees seemed to have positive attitudes and worked well together as a team.The hardest part of the job was working two chats at the same time to resolve two separate customers very different issues. The best part of the job was being able to work from home and see my kids so much.|
4review_pros=Benefits, positive people, good management|
4review_cons= irritated customers|5review_title=Not the company that values employees| 5Job_Work_Life_Balance=20.0%;| 5Compensation_Benefits= 40.0%;| 5Job_Security_Advancement=20.0%;| 5Management_Review=40.0%;|
5reviewer=At Home Advisor|
7. Lack of transparency|
5review_cons= |6review_title=Best retail workplace I've been in by a long shot!| 6Job_Work_Life_Balance=100.0%;| 6Compensation_Benefits= 80.0%;| 6Job_Security_Advancement=80.0%;| 6Management_Review=100.0%;|
6review_text= Good management and culture. Give and receive feedback well. They look for and advance employees that are thinkers and action oriented innovators. They make it hard to leave.|
6review_pros=Benefits are amazing|
6review_cons= |7review_title=aappllee is not so bad, the need to be like mindvally| 7Job_Work_Life_Balance=40.0%;| 7Compensation_Benefits= 100.0%;| 7Job_Security_Advancement=80.0%;| 7Management_Review=80.0%;|
7reviewer=Red Zone Specialist|
7review_text= There is always the good and the bad about every place, but apple has a veery supportive culture, great stock and benifits..................................|
7review_pros=cool people|
7review_cons= to busy not enough people to handle the crowds|8review_title=Fun Yet Stressful| 8Job_Work_Life_Balance=60.0%;| 8Compensation_Benefits= 100.0%;| 8Job_Security_Advancement=80.0%;| 8Management_Review=80.0%;|
8reviewer_job_location=Century City, CA|
8review_date=June 4, 2018|
8review_text= Enjoyed being surrounded by the creative type however, the clientele at this particular location (Century City, CA) are very demanding and make the job more stressful.|
8review_cons= |9review_title=Loved working for Apple| 9Job_Work_Life_Balance=100.0%;| 9Compensation_Benefits= 100.0%;| 9Job_Security_Advancement=60.0%;| 9Management_Review=80.0%;|
9reviewer=Product Zone Specialist|
9review_text= I was actually advanced in different hiring processes because of my proven past and effort. I helped with Today at Apple art sessions and also with Summer Camp. Usually, you must wait six months before consideration of advancement. I was interviewed to be a teacher in the creative department to lead more Today at Apple events. I had to leave due to it being part time but loved the job.|
9review_pros=Great support and a great diverse crew|
9review_cons= Hard to stay full time because no one wanted to leave!|10review_title=All hype| 10Job_Work_Life_Balance=40.0%;| 10Compensation_Benefits= 80.0%;| 10Job_Security_Advancement=60.0%;| 10Management_Review=20.0%;|
10reviewer=Technical Support Specialist|
10review_text= Advancement is possible but it requires some serious networking. Promoting from within doesn't happen that much unless you consider lateral movements an advancement.|
10review_cons= |11review_title=Nice Job| 11Job_Work_Life_Balance=80.0%;| 11Compensation_Benefits= 60.0%;| 11Job_Security_Advancement=80.0%;| 11Management_Review=60.0%;|
11reviewer=Apple Technician|
11review_text= Its Apple good job good benefits. I was there for 6 months i had to relocate . Miss the Managers and support staff. i would recommend to anyone willing to take on responsibilities and tough work|
11review_cons= Hard to move up|12review_title=Lack of organization and innovation| 12Job_Work_Life_Balance=40.0%;| 12Compensation_Benefits= 40.0%;| 12Job_Security_Advancement=20.0%;| 12Management_Review=40.0%;|
12reviewer=Transit Data Analyst|
12review_text= The work at Apple is generally very repetitive, though this is to be expected. The work place environment is very friendly and the people who work there are very nice and respectful. Unfortunately the organization and leadership were often lacking and we rarely had any idea what was going on above us and worst of all management didn't really care about any input from lower level workers, who are, after all, the one's using the systems and software and following and implementing the procedures and policies. Generally a somewhat disorganized and frustrating place to work, albeit still again a very pleasant and not overly stressed day to day work environment. The pay and benefits were not very impressive either and they didn't seem very interested in helping you advance or continue to work for Apple.|
12review_pros=Friendly work environment, friendly interesting co-workers|
12review_cons= Sub-par benefits, disorganized leadership and management, little opportunity for career advancement, no interest in worker input about job practices|13review_title=it was a part time job| 13Job_Work_Life_Balance=60.0%;| 13Compensation_Benefits= 60.0%;| 13Job_Security_Advancement=80.0%;| 13Management_Review=40.0%;|
13reviewer=Apple Technician|
apple game me benefits and i made friends there who i still talk to but i like to do jobs temperately and then do something else because i love to try new things.|
13review_cons= managment|14review_title=Overall rating good| 14Job_Work_Life_Balance=60.0%;| 14Compensation_Benefits= 60.0%;| 14Job_Security_Advancement=60.0%;| 14Management_Review=60.0%;|
14reviewer=T2 Senior Advisor|
14review_text= I worked from home for Apple. I did enjoy my time there. There was plenty of training as needed. Managers were always there for support. Wages were comparable to other companies.|
14review_cons= |15review_title=productive environment| 15Job_Work_Life_Balance=100.0%;| 15Compensation_Benefits= 100.0%;| 15Job_Security_Advancement=80.0%;| 15Management_Review=60.0%;|
15reviewer=Security Specialist/Loss Prevention|
15review_text= lots of things to do never a dull moments stays busy, co workers are involved routinely on every day of work and duties on and off the floor , exciting|
15review_cons= |16review_title=Best place to work| 16Job_Work_Life_Balance=80.0%;| 16Compensation_Benefits= 100.0%;| 16Job_Security_Advancement=60.0%;| 16Management_Review=80.0%;|
16reviewer=Business Specialist|
The company culture is one that allows for change to accommodate everyone.|
16review_cons= |17review_title=Good work but don't expect much| 17Job_Work_Life_Balance=100.0%;| 17Compensation_Benefits= 60.0%;| 17Job_Security_Advancement=20.0%;| 17Management_Review=80.0%;|
17reviewer=Learning Expert|
17review_text= Also don't show any kind of negative emotion ever. Seen people let go for short burst of frustration or anger over something very reasonable. Don't count on the job for a long term thing.|
17review_cons= |18review_title=Great place to work.| 18Job_Work_Life_Balance=100.0%;| 18Compensation_Benefits= 100.0%;| 18Job_Security_Advancement=80.0%;| 18Management_Review=80.0%;|
18review_text= Overall, the Apple store is a fun and great place to work that is fast-paced and competitive. The team and the culture are what makes Apple what it is and it makes going to work something to look forward to.|
18review_cons= |19review_title=It was a great pleasure.| 19Job_Work_Life_Balance=100.0%;| 19Compensation_Benefits= 100.0%;| 19Job_Security_Advancement=100.0%;| 19Management_Review=100.0%;|
19review_text= I loved working at Apple. It was a great team of people and the projects were challenging and innovative. It was the highlight of my career, I enjoyed the culture and was proud of the work.|
19review_cons= |20review_title=Okay first job| 20Job_Work_Life_Balance=60.0%;| 20Compensation_Benefits= 80.0%;| 20Job_Security_Advancement=40.0%;| 20Management_Review=20.0%;|
20reviewer=Business Manager|
20review_date=June 1, 2018|
20review_text= They are a good company but the leadership in my store was poor I was in several locations and trust me they are all different so good some poor but over all it was an experience I’m glad a took|
20review_cons= }}

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