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Do you ever feel like an afterthought on job sites? You are looking for a job, but job sites always seem to be focused on the employers, and you, the job seeker seem to be forever jumping through hoops. Not anymore! With WikiCareer we put you, the jobseeker first. With free access to job searches and reviews of companies all over the world, we give you the information you need to make informed choices and find the job that suits you. Reshuffle your CV and make the most of your skills, and we will help you find the right position to help you achieve your goals. We work every day to connect our jobseekers with the new opportunities that they deserve.

Our mission here at WikiCareer is to help every job seeker find the right job opportunity, as quickly and easily as possible. We listen to job seekers, and through their experiences, continually seek to improve our approach, so that we can say that we offer the platform that provides the very best experience possible for job seekers.

With millions of jobs, salary details and company reviews on the site at all times, and our educational material that includes interview questions from real interviewers, we give every job seeker the tools and information they need to find the perfect job opportunity.

Top Companies

Brand Country Employees Founded  
Chicago,USA 10000+ 1940  
New York,US 10000+ 1911  
Bentonville,AR 10000+ 1962  
Washington,US 10000+ 1994  
California,US 10000+ 1998  
Cupertino,CA 10000+ 1976  
General Motors
Detroit,MI 10000+ 1908  
Berkshire Hathaway
Omaha,US 10000+ 1839  
Wells Fargo
San Francisco,US 10000+ 1852  
Redmond,US 10000+ 1975  
  Brand Country Employees Founded  
1 McDonald's Chicago,US 10000+ employees 1940  
2 IBM New York,US 10000+ employees 1911  
3 Walmart Bentonville,AR 10000+ employees 1962  
4 Amazon Washington,US 10000+ employees 1994  
5 Google California,US 10000+ employees 1998  
6 Apple Cupertino,CA 10000+ employees 1976  
7 General Motors Detroit,MI 10000+ employees 1908  
8 Berkshire Hathaway Omaha,US 10000+ employees 1839  
9 Wells Fargo San Francisco,US 10000+ employees 1852  
10 Microsoft Redmond,US 10000+ employees 1975  

Transparent Compensation & Culture

Don’t undervalue yourself

Our anonymously provided salary comparison data can help you see if you are being underpaid and undervalued, and help you understand the real worth of your talent.

Discover what your colleagues really think

Our company reviews include appraisals of company leadership, individual departments, workplace culture, compensation and values, all from actual employees. You can make informed choices about every potential employer and find a work environment that fits your own values and approach.

Learn everything about any business: • Workplace Environment • Corporate Culture • Leadership • Team environment • Compensation • Overall work experience • Problems and concerns

Just launched and in Beta, WikiCareer is in constant development, adding new services and features for job seekers and employers to improve the job market every day. We welcome and encourage feedback and new ideas to make WikiCareer the very best job portal available today. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and observations, WikiCareer is for you and shaped by your needs.

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